Cookies are small text files stored exclusively on the visitor's browser according to RFC2965 web standards. The browser then sends these files back to the server on each subsequent visit as part of a so-called HTTP request. A detailed discussion of HTTP cookies can be found, for example, on Wikipedia.

In our case, cookies are used to distinguish between logged-in and non-logged-in users, their customer accounts, dealer groups and various individual settings. We simply need them and you must accept them when using our website. Rejection of our cookies will inevitably result in functionality limitations and matrix collapse. We therefore understand your use of our site as an expression of your consent to the storage of dried files according to RFC2965.

HTTP web cookies do not pose any security risk or invasion of privacy in our submission, as we do not store any identifying or contact information in them. In contrast, traditional cookies pose a significant risk, mainly related to the risk of crumbling them into the keyboard. In the case of chocolate, nougat or hazelnut biscuits, the possibility of contamination of clothing, the desk and computer peripherals such as the keyboard or mouse cannot be ruled out. Also beware of smudging the screen of your mobile phone or tablet. Last but not least, health risks such as obesity, various cardiovascular diseases and diabetes cannot be overlooked.

We also use Google Analytics, which stores its own cookies, without which it would be impossible to analyse the traffic to our website. In short, we wouldn't be able to find out what you like most about our site.

For information on setting cookies in selected browsers, please see the addresses below. If you are using an obscure browser, you will unfortunately have to help yourself, as we cannot know everything.

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