08.10.2023 | Citavý Michal
Swimming without a swimsuit has many benefits - from the feeling of freedom to the health benefits to saving money on swimwear.

While naturism often involves bathing without a swimsuit, it is important to remember that it focuses on enjoying nature and being comfortable "in your own skin" rather than the act of being naked. Naturism is a lifestyle that values respect, tolerance and social (non-sexual) nudity in an appropriate setting.

As for the potential benefits of bathing without swimwear, for some individuals bathing without restrictive clothing can be liberating and also brings a sense of closeness to nature.

Swimming generally has positive health benefits, including increased cardiovascular and muscular fitness, reduced stress and improved mood. When it comes to swimsuit-free swimming specifically, there are limited scientific studies on its health benefits, but its proponents know that it increases your skin's exposure to sunlight, which contributes to vitamin D production, and your lymphatic system is clearly happier without constricting clothing. It also reduces the risk of skin irritation and infections caused by clothing

It happens that microscopic organisms such as plankton or bacteria get trapped in swimsuits and cause rashes or other skin irritations, and by swimming without swimwear you are more likely to avoid this potential problem. To reduce the risk of skin irritation, it is advisable to rinse with clean water after swimming and not to leave wet swimwear on for long periods of time.

Last but not least, your naked body dries much faster without risking any health risks by staying in a wet swimsuit for extended time periods.

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