01.08.2023 | Citavý Michal
Cycling around the Angkorian temples is an incredible experience that allows visitors to explore the ancient ruins at a leisurely pace and enjoy the breathtaking architecture and rich history of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Here are a few reasons why cycling around Angkorian temples is a great choice:

1. Freedom to explore: cycling gives visitors the freedom to explore the temples at their own pace without being tied to a group of tourists. This allows for a more personal and intimate experience of the temples and the opportunity to linger at places that particularly catch your eye. In addition, you will be in different places from the predominant groups of tourists at any given time.

2. Cycling also allows visitors to get to some of the less-visited areas of the temples that are difficult to reach by car or on foot. This provides a unique view of the temples and an opportunity to discover hidden gems.

3. Cycling is a sustainable and environmentally friendly way of visiting the temples. It also provides an opportunity to get some exercise and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Angkor Park. It's completely flat, anyone can do it.

4. An authentic cultural experience: Cycling around the temples allows visitors to interact with local Cambodians as they ride through local villages and along rural roads. This allows a glimpse into the daily life of the people living around the temples and an authentic Cambodian culture.

Overall, cycling around the temples of Angkor is a fantastic way to experience the history, culture and natural beauty of this iconic place. Whether you are an experienced cyclist or just a casual rider, the temples of Angkor offer a unique and memorable cycling experience.

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